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The Message Board is a great place to share information and read about what's happening close to home. Since there are so many different types of people in our membership and since we can have a lot of posts on any given day, please keep the following in mind to help keep messages organized and friendly:

Good Things

Threads - When responding to a posted message, be sure to post it in the thread where you read it as opposed to starting a new thread.
Be nice - Everyone has an opinion, respect theirs and they will respect yours.
Share your knowledge - If someone is asking a question about something you know, please chime in!

Bad Things

No advertising - This is a private community board, please don't post to promote your own business or specials, unless you are responding to a posted question or request. Products and prices must only be posted to private messages.
Personal attacks - Please don't get into flaming matches publicly! Send them an email or private message.


The Board has the right to monitor and hide/remove any message that it feels is not appropriate for the message board.  Membership has the right to appeal to the Board at any board meeting.


The Board has the right to suspend any member from use of the site for up to 60 days for any violation of it’s rules or policies (See the B.P.C.I.A. By-Laws Article VII, Section 1 (b)).  Membership has the right to appeal to the Board at any board meeting.



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